Wood Chipper Hire in Knutsford, an Efficient and Cost Effective Option

Contact J.S. Plant HireWood Chipper Hire in KnutsfordWood chipper hire in Knutsford is efficient and cost effective for individuals and businesses. We have multiple types of machinery for hire that you need once in a while. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a wood chipper that you only use once or twice a year. Even landscapers are not likely to need a chipper often enough to buy, store and maintain. The best part about a wood chipper hire is that it’s ready to work when you are. Just pick it up and head for the job site. The machine is already clean, in perfect working order and starts right up. If the chipper was your own, you would have to drag it out of the storage corner, clean it off, check all the working parts, lubricate it and hope it works. When you own a chipper, everybody wants to borrow it.

The wood chipper we have for hire at very reasonable rates is the Timberwolf 150 VTR. In Knutsford, wood chipper hire means you get a machine less than 3 years old. It is thoroughly maintained and serviced after each use so expect trouble free performance. The TR150VTR is a tough little machine that can take on big jobs even when they are in small spaces. You’ll love the anti-vibration technology built into this machine as well as the safety features. Our wood chipper for hire sports a Kubota V1505 35hp diesel engine, an auto feed control and variable hydraulic driven track widths. This little machine can go where the big machines can’t. So you can take the chipper to the wood instead of the wood to the chipper.

Wood chipper hire in Knutsford is available along a full range of other machines such as mini diggers and excavators. Our hire rates are competitive and the worry free operation will make efficient use of your time. Contact J.S. Plant Hire for more details. Visit us for a look at the machines we have available and see for yourself how well maintained they are. No longer will having the right machine decide whether you can accept a job. We have a little wood chipper that works hard in open spaces and confined areas equally. Accept the job, call us to reserve your wood chipper and don’t worry about delays.

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