Make the Job Quicker and Easier with Wood Chipper Hire in Bramhall

Wood Chipper Hire in BramhallIt’s garden clean up time so consider wood chipper hire in Bramhall from J.S. Plant Hire. We can help you make the job easier and quicker. Our our local company provides micro and mini diggers, dumpers and wood chipper hire throughout the area of Cheshire and South Manchester. Our clients are builders, homeowners and landscapers. Our wood chipper, like all of our equipment, is less than 3 years old.  We carefully maintain our equipment after each use so when we hire it out we know it’s going to provide trouble free service. We choose the mini/micro sized machines because they are easy to transport from job to job and easy to use for both professional and do-it-yourself garden maintenance.

We chose the Timberwolf 150VTR tracked wood chipper for its size and manoeuvrability. In Bramhall, wood chipper hire using this machine can be used will go where other chippers can’t like small tight spaces. That means the machine can go where the wood is instead of bringing the wood to a stationary place. That’s a lot of hauling back and forth. You may think a small machine equals a vibration that shakes you to the bone. With the Timberwolf 150VTR, that just doesn’t happen. Built in anti-vibration maintains stability.  For even more flexibility, this wood chippers hydraulic tracks can be adjusted for width.  The machine itself is tough and stable but it also has safety features appreciated by the occasional user. The Timberwolf 150VTR sports a safety bar that protects the operator on all sides.

Operated by a Kubota V1505 35hp diesel engine, our wood chipper hire in Bramhall is hard working equipment for your domestic or commercial garden clean up. The automatic feed control and easily detached funnel will save you more time and energy while keeping you safe. Contact J.S. Plant Hire for price quotes and availability. It’s cheaper to rent one of our wood chippers when you need it for a day or a week. If you buy the equipment yourself it may be sitting unused most of the time. You will have to take care of the maintenance and repairs. Rent from us and you’ll always have the machine you need ready to go and at top performance. You’ll find our prices are fair and reasonable.

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