Mini Digger Hire in Stockport, the Smart Choice for Your Project

Mini Digger Hire in StockportMini digger hire in Stockport is the smart choice for your project. We offer highly maintained machines that are less than three years old. The mini diggers are versatile and ideal for a multitude of tasks not suited to a large excavator. When you hire from us, you have a selection of 3 different mini diggers. There is our hardworking Bobcat E20, Kubota U27-4 2.7T Mini Excavator that some say is luxurious, and our even smaller Takeuchi TB210R Micro that you can drive right through a doorway. It’s cheaper for contractors to hire a mini digger than it is to buy unless you expect to use it all day every day. When you hire a mini digger, you can select from three different sizes. The Bobcat might be the best machine for the job today and the Takeuchi Micro will be more efficient on tomorrows’ project.

Mini diggers are ideal when you want to transport it from site to site. For as little as £60 a day in Stockport, mini digger hire could complete three separate but local pre-arranged tasks. You could dig a trench to run the electric to Mr. Henry’s barn, knock down Howards old shed and dig the hole for the Jones’s Blue Spruce.  Hire it for a second day and as many days thereafter as needed for a reduced rate of £40 a day. You will have that swimming pool dug out easily and safely. It is a lot more expensive to own and maintain a fleet of diggers that only see occasional use. You can pick up your digger or we can arrange to deliver it to you. Either way, it’s ready for the job at hand; trouble free and reliable.

We offer mini digger hire in Stockport as well as micro excavators, dumpers and wood chippers. All are designed to go where the larger equipment can’t go and where they’re more useful for the type of job. You don’t need a big excavator to dig a 4 inch trench even if there’s room. The job is more manageable with a highly manoeuvrable mini. Our prices are the lowest possible and we make hiring one of our machines easy. Contact J.S. Plant Hire when you need robust work accomplished in small spaces. We have the machines you need to maintain your property.

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