Wood Chipper Hire in Cheshire

Wood Chipper Hire in CheshireProperty clean up time means wood chipper hire in Cheshire. Look no further than J. S. Plant Hire for the best deal going. Among our available machinery for hire is a Timberwolf 150VTR Tracked wood chipper. Like all our machines, this wood chipper is less than 3 years old, always maintained to peak operating condition and efficiently gets the job done. You can pick it up from our Wilmslow location or we will deliver it to your door for you. Not only will this machine make short work of tree branch clearing; it will do it at a very reasonable cost. First manufactured in 2004, the 150VTR has proven to be one of the most reliable and cost effective machines for the job.

Safety is built into the TW 150TR with a safety plus bar, unique to Timberwolf, which protects the operator on 4 sides. When you need, in Cheshire, wood chipper hire for difficult to access areas, this is the wood chipper you want. It’s designed for manoeuvrability in small spaces. It’s perfect for domestic use as well as contractor and utility users. If you expect to feel like you are still moving at the end of the day because of the vibration, this wood chipper will surprise you. Built into the TW 150VTR is anti-vibration state of the art technology. The feeder funnel is one super tough piece that is easily detachable. The machine operates on tracks that can be retracted down to 700mm wide. Therefore, this chipper can go places larger chippers cannot.

Essentially, the TW 150TR wood chipper hire in Cheshire means you get the chipper to the wood instead of the wood to the chipper. That kind of efficiency will make short work of your project and help keep your costs down. Other important features of our wood chipper is an auto feed control, hydraulic tracts that allow for moving the track width in and out and a powerful 35hp diesel engine. Contact J.S. Plant Hire and schedule your time for our wood chipper hire. You will save time and money whether you’re working on your own domestic site or need it to complete a job you’ve contracted to do.

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