Wood Chipper Hire in Wilmslow

Wood Chipper Hire in WilmslowIf you have got a lot of wooden items laying around, then wood chipper hire in Wilmslow is a must. At J.S Plant Hire, we offer our clients a large variety of machines to help them with their landscaping and gardening needs, including mini excavators, diggers and wood chippers. Wood chippers are perfect if you are looking to remove large trunks and branches from your property and turning them into smaller pieces so that they can be used or transported to a location of your choice. Wood is a natural element, which means it can be used for a large number of purposes.

Among which, wood chips are perfect as mulch, or as filler in walkways or composting materials as wood will enrich the dirt, or even as fuel. In Wilmslow, wood chipper hire is affordable, regardless of whether you are looking to rent for a short or long period of time. Our wood chipper, a Timberwolf 150VTR, incorporates many features and has anti-vibration technology. It is also equipped with a unique safety bar, which makes it a lot safer for users to operate the machine. Its twin hydraulic auto-feed control makes it an efficient machine, especially if you have a large amount of wood to chip in a limited time. Its removable feed funnel can also be taken out to access branches or wood that is at ground level, making it easier for users to chip all the wood that may be difficult to haul into the raised feed funnel. This makes it a lot easier for users, as well as less physically exhausting.

Whether it’s wood chipper hire in Wilmslow, or a mini excavator or digger, we have everything you will need to carry out a clean and neat job. For more details about our services or items in our stock, please call us. All of our machinery is less than 3 years old and they are in perfect condition. We also do local deliveries, and our rates are fantastic, starting at just £80 the first day!

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