Are you searching for the best Mini Digger Hire in Alderley Edge?

Mini Digger Hire in Alderley EdgeOur company has many small plant machines including mini digger hire in Alderley Edge for all types of projects. We hire our machines to domestic as well as commercial customers who need to dig trenches or holes. These mini diggers have a smaller cousin, the micro digger which can access tight, narrow spaces. Surprisingly, for their size, the machines are able to move a substantial amount of soil. Landscapers use our machines to reposition soil in a garden and to dig substantial beds for vegetables or flowers. The soil can then be mixed with compost and good quality top soil before the beds are complete. Using the mini and micro diggers saves days of labour and therefore cuts the cost of a job.

If you are planning on building a patio or deck in Alderley Edge, mini digger hire can save you time on preparing the foundations or post holes. The machines are small enough to get through a standard doorway and can work in small places. The little micro digger has a reach of over three metres and can dig down to over one and a half metres. There is also a choice of four different types of mini and micro digger units for various projects. The machines are simple to use and we also have a mini dumper if you need to remove a lot of soil and take it away from the work area.

We are a family run business that specialises in small machine plant including mini digger hire in Alderley Edge. Contact J.S. Plant Hire today and choose the machine that will make your work easier. We specialise in micro and mini diggers as well as dumpers and wood chippers. Our high quality machines are extremely affordable and all of the machines are less than three years old. They are hired by homeowners, landscapers and builders for excavation, drainage and landscaping projects. The machines can be collected from our depot in Wilmslow or we can deliver the machine to you locally for a very reasonable charge. Let our expert team help you to choose the perfect machine for your project. 

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