Timberwolf Wood Chipper Hire in Alderley Edge

Timberwolf Wood Chipper Hire in Alderley EdgeClean up those hard to reach places with our Timberwolf wood chipper hire in Alderley Edge. Our Timberwolf TW 150VTR goes where most commercial wood chippers can’t. Our model is designed with the features needed to work in hard to reach and confined spaces. This little chipper comes with the hydraulically driven variable track width feature, auto feed control and a Kubota V1505 35hp diesel engine. The funnel can be quickly removed and the tracks retracted down so you can get this machine in places other chippers won’t go. It makes getting the chipper to the wood on most any terrain a snap. Contractors who don’t know where a job might take them are ready for anything when they have access to this wood chipper hire from J. S. Plant Hire.

Our wood chipper is safe and easy to operate. In Alderley Edge, Timberwolf wood chipper hire from us gives you the anti-vibration technology, a safety bar that provides protection on all four sides for the operator and a tough one-piece funnel that detaches with the flick of a lever. The Timberwolf brand specialises in professional wood chippers and is fast becoming the largest seller of wood chippers in the UK. It’s not difficult to see why we chose this Timberwolf as the star of our mini machine line up for hire. Jobs you may have walked away from because of space restrictions on site you can now accept. Just lease one of our mini machines like our wood chipper. Our rates are reasonable so you’ll have a good chance of bringing in the low bid.

We take care of our customers for Timberwolf wood chipper hire in Alderley Edge. We offer local delivery and great rates. Our machinery is well maintained and serviced after each use. You don’t have to worry about it breaking down on the job. The careful maintenance shows so you’ll feel confident taking this chipper to the job site. All of our equipment is less than three years old so it’s young enough to get the job done. Contact J.S. Plant Hire when you need a wood chipper for your job site or you just need to clean up your own property. We have the machines to help you get the job done safely and efficiently regardless of how tight the space is.

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