Timberwolf Wood Chipper Hire in Wilmslow

Timberwolf Wood Chipper Hire in WilmslowA Timberwolf wood chipper hire in Wilmslow is recommended regardless of whether you have domestic or commercial lawn cleaning requirements. You can rely on a Timberwolf wood chipper because it boasts a powerful 35 horsepower Kubota 4-cylinder diesel engine. This awesome machine is able to handle close to four tonnes per hour of work. At J. S. Plant Hire, our Timberwolf wood chipper sports twin hydraulics with auto-feed technology. Our TW 150 VTR model is easily manoeuvrable in cramped spaces. Irrespective of how difficult or unique your work environment is, you can definitely count on our Timberwolf wood chipper TW 150 VTR model for dependability and reliability. With this specialised vehicle, you no longer have to lug large pieces of chopped wood towards a wood chipping machine. Simply drive your Timberwolf as close to the work site as possible and reduce your stress.

For a large number of businesses in Wilmslow, a Timberwolf wood chipper hire is the machine of choice. This model, in particular, boasts special functionalities which you won’t find in others. It is an easy-to-use, one-piece with a detachable funnel. It’s equipped with numerous safety features that your employees will surely value.  For instance, there’s a safety bar that will protect the operator on either side. Another desirable feature of our Timberwolf wood chipper is that it has hydraulically operated tracks of variable widths. This enables you to move the tracks in and out with ease. In fact, the operator will be able to retract them by up to 700mm! With the flip a switch, you can release the feed funnel. At just £80 a day, this steady machine can be relied upon for the most difficult of jobs.

You can count on a Timberwolf wood chipper hire in Wilmslow from JS Plant Hire. For more information about how you can benefit from this unique piece of machinery, contact JS Plant Hire. We also specialise in dumper, mini and micro digger hires to landscapers, builders and homeowners located throughout South Manchester.

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