Wood Chipper Hire in Poynton

Wood Chipper Hire in PoyntonTop quality wood chipper hire in Poynton can save you time and effort needed to process timber into smaller pieces. These machines are far superior to chainsaws and axes and it’s much easier to dispose of the debris when you use a chipper. At JS Plant Hire, we offer a range of plants to home-owners, landlords, property owners, landscapers and builders in the Cheshire and South Manchester region. All our machines are less than three years old, well-maintained and reliable. Being a family owned, family run business, we have strong ties in the local communities we serve and our reputation hinges on our excellent quality, sensible pricing and customer-focused approach. We provide dumpers, chippers, shredders, excavators etc from all the leading national and international brands. You can collect them from our local depot in Wilmslow or have them delivered to your site at a reasonable charge.

For property owners in Poynton, wood chipper hire is the best option to break down large bits of wood into fine, usable chip size. Chippers are different from wood shredders which cannot break down large branches. Shredders are more useful to shred twigs, leaves and garden waste. Chippers can break down dry and fresh wood into various sizes depending on the settings and the model you hire. Most people face problems while cleaning their yards or property. This is because in many places, leaving bags of garden waste outside the property for garbage vans to collect is not permitted. Apart from this,  leftover hedge clippings, tree stumps, and roots can be turned into a rich, nutritious mulch for your garden. You can also use chipped wood as a natural, inexpensive liner for pathways and driveways. Wood shavings can be added to kitchen waste and left to be processed into good-quality compost for your garden.

Wood chipper hire in Poynton is a good option if you know how to use the equipment properly and safely. For more details about our wood chipper hire, contact JS Plant Hire. Our highly trained team of professionals can give you the right advice regarding safety and proper use of the machine. It’s important not to overload the machine and to prevent children and pets from coming near it.

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