Timberwolf Wood Chipper Hire in Bramhall

Timberwolf Wood Chipper Hire in BramhallJ.S. Plant Hire recommends our Timberwolf wood chipper hire in Bramhall because of its versatility and dependability. Whether you’re working on a commercial job or cleaning up your own property the Timberwolf is an ideal helper. It sports a 35hp Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine that can handle up to 4 tonnes per hour. It has twin hydraulics with auto feed. The model we have is the TW 150 VTR which is manoeuvrable enough for tight spaces. Whatever your work environment, the Timberwolf TW 150 VTR can pretty much assure that you can take the chipper to the wood instead of the time consuming back breaking hauling the wood to the chipper.

This model, which is designed primarily for the utility and contractor is tough, easy to use with a one-piece detachable funnel and safety features operators will appreciate. For safety first, in Bramhall, Timberwolf wood chipper hire has a unique safety bar that protects the operator on sides.  Another versatile feature that allows this little workhorse to go where you want it is the variable width tracks operated hydraulically to move the tracks in and out. The operator can retract them down to 700mm. It’s so easy to use, a quick flip of a lever releases the feed funnel. We think you’ll agree this tough machine saves you time and money at £80 per day with discounts for multiple days.

The Timberwolf wood chipper hire in Bramhall is one of several machines including excavators and dumpers for hire from us at J.S. Plant Hire. We’re a family owned business with a vested interest in our customers’ satisfaction. The machines are highly maintained and none are over three years old. You can count on all our machines including the Timberwolf wood chipper to give you an uninterrupted and trouble free workday. Contact us and schedule the hire of our Timberwolf wood chipper for your next job. With our low rates and efficient machines, you can offer a quote for your client that they’ll appreciate. Time is money and the Timberwolf costs very little money but saves an enormous amount of time and labour.

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