Wood Chipper Hire in Poynton

Wood Chipper Hire in PoyntonWood chipper hire in Poynton is available for those who want to get the job done efficiently. Builders, landscapers and tree pruners will often load their truck with the wood scraps and branches, which can be a big job in itself. At the end of the day, they take their load to a wood chipper. It might be more efficient to have a wood chipper on site to toss the wood scraps and branches into as you go through the day. Then, at the end of the day, there’s no big clean up and extra work loading it all into your truck. You are left with a load of wood chips which you can give to the owner for their garden; take with you to sell or use yourself when landscaping other properties

We offer mini and micro excavators, a high tip dumper and the tracked wood chipper. In Poynton, wood chipper hire is a Timberwolf 150 VTR with adjustable hydraulic track widths so you can get into tight and very tight places. Not only is the TW 150 VR versatile, but it’s also safe as well. The operator is protected on all sides with a safety bar. Operators love the new design anti-vibration technology without which they would spend all days with a headache from the vibration. The funnel is heavy duty but one piece and easily removable. Our diesel wood chipper is equipped with 35 hp engine and an easy to operate auto feed control.

As with all our equipment hire, our wood chipper hire in Poynton is high performing, carefully maintained and no more than 3 years old. Our wood chipper hire rates are reasonable and highly competitive. Our price plan is very attractive at £80 for the first day. If you need it more days, the price per day goes down the longer you keep it. Contact J.S Plant Hire to find out more. Ours is a family owned business with the quality and reliable equipment hire you need. You’ll be saving time and labour when you use the right equipment for the job. Hire it from us and only pay for the time you use it instead of buying your own and storing it most of the year. Delivery is available.

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