Timberwolf Wood Chipper Hire in Wilmslow

Timberwolf Wood Chipper Hire in WilmslowBy utilising our powerful but compact Timberwolf chipper hire in Wilmslow, you can rely on a substantial saving. The machine is powered by an internal combustion engine which is on tracks that makes it easy to move around a site. It incorporates many features that make working in difficult or confined spaces possible. Our Timberwolf 150VRT tracked wood chipper has state of the art anti-vibration technology and an extremely tough one-piece detachable funnel with a unique safety bar which acts to protect the operator on all four sides. The hydraulically driven tracks incorporate a variable track width feature allowing the operator to move the tracks in and out as space dictates.

There are time and money savings to be made by taking the machine to the wood rather than taking the wood to the machine. In Wilmslow, Timberwolf wood chipper hire machines that we use have a 35hp diesel engine with a 150mm maximum in-feed diameter. It can take up to 4 tonnes per hour and comes with an auto feed control. The average chip size is around 12mm which can be used as mulch in the garden. This is one of the best ways of getting rid of trees and branches that have died and need to be removed.  The Timberwolf 150VRT wood chipper has been in production since 2004 and is a very reliable, hard-working machine that provides value for money.

We are a family run business that specialises in machine hire including Timberwolf wood chipper hire in Wilmslow. Contact J.S. Plant Hire today and choose the machine that will make your work easier. We specialise in micro and mini diggers as well as dumpers and wood chippers. Our high-quality machines are extremely affordable and all of the machines are less than three years old. They are hired by homeowners, landscapers and builders for excavation, drainage and landscaping projects. The machines can be collected from our depot in Wilmslow or we can deliver the machine to you locally for a very reasonable charge. Let our expert team help you to choose the perfect machine for your project.

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