Wood Chipper Hire in Bramhall

Wood Chipper Hire in BramhallFor affordable wood chipper hire in Bramhall, J.S Plant Hire is the place to go. Our family run business is a local entity that hires out high quality and reliable machinery at the best rates. These machines can be used for a variety of projects you wish to undertake, including drainage, excavation and landscaping. That they are less than three years old enables you to complete the task efficiently without being inconvenienced by an unforeseen breakdown of the machine. They’ll come to you in tip-top shape so that your project can be done in good time and the end result being beneficial to all. Homeowners, landscapers and builders alike can benefit greatly from our machines.

Our equipment is designed to penetrate even the most enclosed of spaces, so that no area is left to its own vices. In Bramhall, wood chipper hire is priced under various rates, helping you to budget accordingly. The Timberwolf 150VTR Tracked wood chipper is specially designed for the contractor and utility user. Its anti-vibration technology and one-piece detachable funnel, together with the safety plus bar that acts to protect the operator on all four sides ensures safety for both user and machine alike. The hydraulic driven tracks combined with the diesel engine enables you to get the chipper to the wood, as opposed to getting the wood to the chipper. This saves you a substantial amount of time. Having the ability to retract the tracks and remove the funnel enables you to access areas that normal chipper wouldn’t be able to. In other words, this machine is true value for money.

If you’re looking for affordable wood chipper hire in Bramhall, do not hesitate to contact J.S Plant Hire today. We’ll gladly give you the rest of the specifications so that you can decide if this is the right equipment for you. Alternatively, feel free to look through the rest of the machines we have in store. You can come to collect the machine from our depot or have it delivered to you for a reasonable fee.

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