Timberwolf Wood Chipper in Alderley Edge

Timberwolf Wood Chipper in Alderley EdgeWhen you need to hire a top-quality Timberwolf wood chipper in Alderley Edge, contact the experts. J.S Plant Hire is a family owned, family run business that offers the best plant hire services in the region. Whether you’re a property owner, home-owner, landscaper or building contractor, we have just the right heavy duty machines for you. All our equipment is perfectly maintained and available at attractive rates. These high powered machines can make your landscaping, construction, drainage or excavation project smoother, swifter and more cost effective. Our wood chippers, dumpers and shredders are all less than three years old and maintained in prime working condition. Our client base extends throughout the Manchester and South Cheshire areas and beyond.

Wood chipper machines were invented in the 19th century in Germany and have undergone huge technical advancements since then. In Alderley Edge, Timberwolf wood chipper machines are specially designed for contractors and utility users. These machines are used to reduce large sections of wood (especially timber or tree trunks, and branches) into small chips for easy handling. Some models are portable and can be mounted on trucks and vans. The Timberwolf 150VT model that we hire out is specifically designed to work in smaller, restricted spaces. It features modern anti-vibration technology and a sturdy, single-unit, detachable funnel. The operator is completely protected on all four sides with the unique Timberwolf safety-plus bar. Clients must ensure is that it is operated by experienced technicians.

Using the Timberwolf wood chipper in Alderley Edge can save professional landscapers, contractors and builders a considerable amount of time, effort and labour costs. This means more profits and quicker turnaround time for your projects. This model offers a swifter, time-saving and more efficient operations because of its easy manoeuvrability. The 150VT model has been in production for the last two decades and is a very popular, hard-working piece of equipment. It is diesel fuelled, has auto feed control and a direct three belt drive along with many other great features. For more information about the hire of the Timberlake wood chipper, contact J.S Plant Hire. Our hire rates are competitive and we provide delivery and collection services through the region.


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